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why settle for an ordinary home when you can have a WayCool home?

Modern Home Design for Conscious Living

Featuring modern house architecture and floor plans by nationally recognized architect and visionary Phil Kean, WAYCOOL Homes designs by Phil Kean introduces award-winning modern home designs to all world markets. Offering a unique focus on innovative and sustainable design, WCH offers homeowners dramatic living spaces that embody their vision of a purely unique environment. WAYCOOL Homes designs by Phil Kean represents conscious living in a modern world.




Modern Architecture
Design by Visionary Phil Kean

Architect Phil Kean has a mission to make innovative and functional modern home designs easily accessible to large numbers of homeowners across the country. Inspired by the Usonian concept of Frank Lloyd Wright designs, Phil’s vision is to bring stimulating modern architecture and design to everyday living throughout the United States and beyond.

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Our Exclusive Builders Program

helmetWAYCOOL Homes offers select builders across the U.S. and world a unique opportunity to represent nationally and internationally recognized architect Phil Kean’s award-winning home designs. From modern architectural design to traditional and transitional styles, WCH designs incorporate unique architecture, functional floor plans, and indoor/outdoor living spaces. Innovative home plans are in high demand and the old, boxy floor plans are being replaced with open, clean-lined interiors and abundant natural lighting. Today’s homeowners desire thoughtful architecture and sustainable design for conscious living. Offering select builders unique architectural packages with construction ready documents and specifications, WCH separates you from the competition. Protected premium geographic territories are still available.

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Selling to Homeowners Direct

home-owners-2Offering homeowners beautiful, thoughtful architecture, WAYCOOL Homes’ visionary architect, Phil Kean, brings award-winning home designs with open, functional floor plans available to you direct. Featuring modern home architecture as well as traditional and transitional styles, “quality over quantity” is reflected in every WAYCOOL Homes’ design. Stimulating architecture, clean-lined interiors, and seamless transitions of indoor/outdoor spaces create comfortable, luxurious environments for everyday living. Unique and memorable, WCH’s architectural plans come with construction ready documents, providing you a simple and convenient solution to purchasing your perfect, dream home design.

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